About Company

Dash Sports Training was created to provide a foundation for young athletes in a variety of sports. The camps and services we provide benefits athletes in all sports. Athletes come in to have an opportunity to train with and learn from NCAA All-Americans, Conference Champions, Olympians, and top College student athletes.


Our main goal is to give our athletes the tools they can use in their athletic careers. We take pride in building a foundation for athletes to grow individually in a fun, safe environment.


We will have special guest coaches come in every week to talk about ways to improve mentally, physically, and educate participants on the importance of proper nutrition. 

What separates this company from any other is that we really focus on the individual athletes. Athletes come in to improve, therefore, the goal of each coach is to take every athlete to the next level. Coaches will challenge athletes and push them to a level they never thought their bodies could ever go.

Dash Sports